Tunnel Ground announces its funding by a Finnish venture capital firm IPR VC and the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Tekes. The company enters into collaboration with the world’s fourth biggest telecommunications company, Telefonica. The funding negotiations were started at Slush 2015 in Helsinki and the collaboration with Telefonica has been started in January 2016. The collaboration aims at scaling the company’s business to Spain and Latin America.


Tunnel Ground combines comics and games. The linking of the two products is done with redeem codes that are delivered with the comics unlocking in-game content. The products have a collectible angle, as the physical paperback comics are used as vehicles for the code delivery. The game is a competitive, multiplayer, first person shooter for mobile.

“We are a strong team, and are able to create amazing stories in which users come
through comics and games. We are extremely happy to have IPR VC with us with their focus to media content, that is also the foundation of our company. Both, Tekes and Telefonica have been supportive on starting this collaboration. We now can rapidly advance on these markets that would be difficult to penetrate without the support of a strong local partner.”
Jukka Planman -CEO Tunnel Ground Inc

Established in Helsinki, October 2012, Tunnel Ground consists of comic artists, game developers and serial entrepreneurs. In addition to forming a talented team, building infrastructure and technology, the company has established an international publishing network with a significant channel reach.

Founded in 2015 IPR VC specialises in investing in media content. The company has been founded by experienced Finnish investors. More information about IPR VC: http://ipr.vc/