We have released a new patch for Void of Heroes! Included is a brand new PvP arena “The Deep” so why not take your mechs for a spin? You can view the full release notes at the bottom.

Release Notes:

  • New level “The Deep”!
  • Match time increased to 7 minutes
  • Adjusted match
  • Added “Waiting for other players to join.” text label if only one player is in the match.
  • Adjustment to mech ammo capacity
  • Fixed mech health pools
  • Fixed a weapon issue after respawn
  • Fixed camera issue after player death
  • Minor bug fixes


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About the Author
About the Author:
Kimmo Muurinen, Game Designer and Producer.
Kimmo is a passionate gamer and participates in e-sports. He takes care of game production, game design, 3D art and animation.