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Void of Heroes forums now up and running!

Happy to announce that we have opened up the Void of Heroes forums! Take part to the discussions at: Void of Heroes Forums

Void of Heroes - Battle Online!

About the Author

About the Author:
Jukka Planman, Tunnel Ground – CEO

Void of Heroes available on Google Play!

Hello Pilots!

Happy to announce that Void of Heroes is now also available from Google Play. The most recent patch release notes below.


About the Author
About the Author:
Kimmo Muurinen, Game Designer and Producer.
Kimmo is a passionate gamer and participates in e-sports. He takes care of game production, game design, 3D art and animation.







* All mech healths, upgrades and weapon damages have been rebalanced and all prices have been tweaked.
* Various improvements to all levels including better lighting, new props, texture and geometry improvements, new sounds and ambient noise.
* Improved player respawn experience and increased AI patrol respawn times.
* New ragdoll dissolve effects.
* AI Bots have learned to shoot up and down.
* Various small UI changes and improvements and bug fixes.