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Void of Heroes launch

Void of Heroes game is going to be released soon starting with the Amazon App store for Android. Check out a gameplay video from here and follow VoH on Twitter and Facebook!

Void of Heroes gameplay

About the Author
About the Author:
Tapio Miettinen, Tunnel Ground Co-founder and Creative director.
Tapio is the lead concept designer of Tunnel Ground having extensive gaming background.

Void of Heroes Issue 3 of 4 In the July Previews Catalog!!

Something new has entered the void, a new force of warriors arrive but are they friend or foe? Faced with their own set of challenges can these new mechanized soldiers hope to survive in the darkness? Find out in the penultimate chapter of Subterranean Dawn the first story set in the world of the dynamic new video game, Void of Heroes.
CT-012 – In Stores September 2015

Void of Heroes Issue #3

Read more about the Void of Heroes comic series from Cosmic Times!

About the Author
About the Author:
Topi Koivisto, Tunnel Ground Comics director

Void of Heroes now on Indiegogo!

Battle Online! Mechs, pilots, comics and games – What’s not to Love? Void of Heroes -servers up!

Calling for the Mech and Shooter fans to expedite our server- and game development! Get the collectible perks and in game rewards, support the Void of Heroes -servers up campaign on Indiegogo!

Void of Heroes - Battle Online!

About the Author
About the Author:
Jukka Planman, Tunnel Ground – CEO