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Let´s meet at Shanghai

I´ll be visiting Shanghai during the China Joy 2014 and Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer! Ping me if you happen to be around and want to meet!

About the Author
About the Author:
Jukka Planman, Tunnel Ground CEO

Configurable UI & Console type strafing option out now!

You asked for it, you got it!

Fellow gamers!! The latest update, including a new fully configurable control system and a console type strafing control option, is now available on iOS App Store and Google Play. Big thanks for the feedback and hope you enjoy these new controls! Check this quick guide for details and share us your feedback in the future as well.. Thanks!

Here is the complete list of what´s new in this version:

  • Alternative control style option added
  • Configurable run time user interface
  • Run time optimisation
  • Gear related issues fixed
  • Visual UI update
  • Scrap pricing adjustment
  • Fine tuning of achievements

Big Guns Never Sleep!
About the Author
About the Author:
Tapio Miettinen, Tunnel Ground Co-founder and Creative director.
Tapio is the lead concept designer of Tunnel Ground having extensive gaming background.

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