Tunnel Ground 2.0 is out now.

A new game…
It’s essentially a new game, the graphics and content has been redesigned to a higher standard, with interactiveness and storytelling brought to a new level with the
inclusion of a AI that gives you direction and advice.

A new price.
It’s free this time around, and in-game advancements are sped up by collecting scrap, found in the environment, a type of virtual “currency” that enables a score of different functions, like re-energizing and re-loading ammo, and upgrading weapons. Additional scrap can be bought from the store for faster progression.

A new feel.
The game view has been redone, changing the whole look of the game with a different camera angle, which makes controlling easier, and perceiving the environment more in tune with the scale of the machine under your control.

We are still looking for feedback, critique and suggestions and whatnot in our quest to make this game ever better.


About the Author

About the Author:

Tapio Miettinen, Tunnel Ground concept designer
Tapio Miettinen is the concept designer of Tunnel Ground having extensive gaming background. Tapio also has a graphic designer background and skills in 3D.