The updated version of the comic came out at 22 october 2012, and already there’s some stuff needing a small update. As for what that update entails, some reviewing of the texts and small retouches to the graphics are still in order. For the comics fan, not much difference, since the update function is much smoother with iBooks 3, just get a update available notification, and the product is up to speed. With iBooks 2 you had to delete, boot and re-download, which is a bit scary as it felt like there’s no guarantee you wouldn’t be forced to buy the book again.

About the Tunnel ground comic, then. It’s been really fun to read and hear peoples reactions to the comic. We’ve got a lot of helpful input as well, concering errors and whatnot, and it’s really nice to get feedback and using it to improve all aspects involved in the comic. There’s always more to learn, and more room to evolve, which makes this work intresting, even if the hours lately have been on the 12+ side almost constantly. We’re evolving our style as well, which will be clear when the next installment of the comic comes out, same look but with a bit more finesse, as we polish our techniques and delve even deeper into the story.


About the Author

About the Author:

Tapio Miettinen, Tunnel Ground concept designer
Tapio Miettinen is the concept designer of Tunnel Ground having extensive gaming background. Tapio also has a graphic designer background and skills in 3D.