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What’s new?

– Mech-up boxes added to the team deathmatch arenas, earlier only available in the battle royale arena! Upgrade your weapons and mech on the fly with pick-ups and restore your health! Other players will drop what they have collected so far, so you can borrow their equipment too! The changes increase the pace of the game by focusing more on level resource management to win matches against enemy teams, giving players a clear focus during the game in addition to the regular main hunt!

– Speed increased and health decreased for players and bots! Be aware as the gameplay is more intense!

– A jump button area added to center of the display in the deathmatch arenas, bringing more variation to the gameplay

– Team deathmatch user interface update, including the pick-up upgrades on-display

– Overall sound volume adjustment slider added to settings

– SoundFX updates

– Privacy policy button added to settings

– Russian language support

– Optimization and bug fixes

About the Author

About the Author:
Jukka Planman, ORICO interactive – CEO