Void of Heroes Comic Vol 2 – Descent of Despair now released on Apple Books!

We’re thrilled to start bringing the 2nd part of the Void of Heroes graphic novel to the Apple Books. Void of Heroes: Descent of Despair will be the first part of a three part darkly epic story.
Continuing directly from where Void of Heroes -Subterranean Dawn left off, we follow the trials of tribulations of our protagonist, and a new threat that emerges from the shadows.
Hop on, it’s gonna be a hell of a Download on Apple Books.

Void of Heroes - Descent of Despair

About the Author
About the Author:
Topi Koivisto, ORICO interactive comics director

Void of Heroes Battle Royale play mode out NOW! 100,000 Downloads reached

As we’ve been developing the Void of Heroes game for a while now and tested that all of the components work, we’re also very happy to announce that we’ve just exceeded 100,000 downloads for the game! Big thanks to everyone who have downloaded and played Void of Heroes! We also thank our supporters for this to be possible! For us this is a clear sign that our work has been noticed and that we are on a good track. We will continue to develop the game and comics! Thank you again and keep on playing!

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Void of Heroes

About the Author

About the Author:
Jukka Planman, ORICO interactive – CEO

Void of Heroes Collected Edition: Subterranean Dawn ​is now available for preorder and will arrive in comic shops April 2018

Use the printable pdf available from Cosmic Times. Print it, fill it out, bring it to your favorite comic retailer and give it to the person behind the counter, they will know what to do with it!

Preorder Void of Heroes Collected Edition

Diamond Order Code – FEB181343.

Void of Heroes also featured in the February Previews catalog, on page 335.

About the Author
About the Author:
Topi Koivisto, Tunnel Ground Comics director

Tunnel Ground continues by a new name, ORICO interactive!

Happy to announce that Tunnel Ground has changed name to ORICO interactive! visit us at: ORICO interactive and follow us for more exciting updates!

ORICO interactive

About the Author

About the Author:
Jukka Planman, ORICO interactive – CEO

VoH at the Miami Book Fair November 18-20

Check out Void of Heroes ​comics at the Miami Book Fair International, an eight-day literary party from November 13th – 20th. Cosmic Times will be joining the event on Friday the 18th with the start of the Street Fair. CT will be featured in the Comics and Graphic Novels area along with CT partners from PaperLab. Come out and join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 18th, 19th & 20th) from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM each day. Admission on Friday is FREE! ​

void of heroes

About the Author
About the Author:
Topi Koivisto, Tunnel Ground Comics director

Tunnel Ground enters into agreement with a publishing giant Panini

Finland, Espoo, 25th of July 2016. Finnish comic books on the rise! -Tunnel Ground enters into agreement with a publishing giant Panini.

Void of Heroes Comic

Tunnel Ground enters into agreement with one of the leading publishers both in Latin America and Europe, Panini. The publishing collaboration will be started in Spain and Andorra in 2016 with the company’s current comic series called Void of Heroes.

Void of Heroes Subterranean Dawn is the first part of a sci-fi adventure comic, which in its category represents a blend of action and horror. The protagonist in the first part of the series is a large sentient machine (KV1-n), which also serves as the storyteller. The machine is in conflict with its own thoughts and the dangerous environment. The story is set in a forlorn post apocalyptic dystopian future world, deep underground, with apparently nothing left but ruins and lethal machines. Overall, the story is about the protagonist’s ability to master his fear and retain his sanity while tenaciously hanging on in the face of insurmountable obstacles. Darkness is one of the elements present throughout the story, a backdrop for the protagonist’s search for light, his re-emerging humanity and his awakening as a human are central to the plot and the way the protagonist acts and feels. The elements of the comic are based on action and the comic is made almost completely digitally. The comic series also functions in unison with its counterpart game, which offers the players a chance to experience the world of Void of Heroes.

“As Panini is one of the world’s leading publishers and with their strong track record in comics and collectibles, Panini truly is a dream partner for us. We are an agile, technology- and content driven studio and reaching these large audiences would have been difficult for us alone. We are happy about the agreement and excited to start the collaboration with one of the greatest companies in the publishing industry!” Topi Koivisto – Tunnel Ground Co-Founder & Comics Director

Espoo based Tunnel Ground was founded in 2012 and consists of second generation comic illustrators, experienced set of game developers and serial entrepreneurs. The company creates episodic content for different media channels. Previously Tunnel Grounds comics have been published in Finland and the United States. The company also has leading publisher- and channel partners in China, Taiwan and the MENA region for its games. The games and digital comics are also available on the traditional mobile App- and eBook stores.

The Panini Group was founded in 1961 by the Panini family in Modena, Italy, where it’s still headquartered. It is the world leader in the published collectable sector and one of the leading publishers of children’s magazines and books, comics, manga and graphic novels, in both Europe and Latin America. In 2014 the Panini Group sales exceeded 751 million Euros (998 million USD) with sales in over 120 countries, supported by 12 subsidiaries and over 1000 employees worldwide.

About the Author
About the Author:
Topi Koivisto, Tunnel Ground Comics director

Void of Heroes comics available at the Emerald City Comic Con!

Void of Heroes comics available at the Emerald City Comicon in Cosmic Times booth 2703, April 7-10!! Collect the whole VoH Subterranean Dawn mini-series! Check more info about Emerald City Comicon from here


About the Author
About the Author:
Topi Koivisto, Tunnel Ground Comics director

Void of Heroes forums now up and running!

Happy to announce that we have opened up the Void of Heroes forums! Take part to the discussions at: Void of Heroes Forums

Void of Heroes - Battle Online!

About the Author

About the Author:
Jukka Planman, Tunnel Ground – CEO

Void of Heroes available on Google Play!

Hello Pilots!

Happy to announce that Void of Heroes is now also available from Google Play. The most recent patch release notes below.


About the Author
About the Author:
Kimmo Muurinen, Game Designer and Producer.
Kimmo is a passionate gamer and participates in e-sports. He takes care of game production, game design, 3D art and animation.







* All mech healths, upgrades and weapon damages have been rebalanced and all prices have been tweaked.
* Various improvements to all levels including better lighting, new props, texture and geometry improvements, new sounds and ambient noise.
* Improved player respawn experience and increased AI patrol respawn times.
* New ragdoll dissolve effects.
* AI Bots have learned to shoot up and down.
* Various small UI changes and improvements and bug fixes.

Tunnel Ground announces its new funding and collaboration with Telefonica

Tunnel Ground announces its funding by a Finnish venture capital firm IPR VC and the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Tekes. The company enters into collaboration with the world’s fourth biggest telecommunications company, Telefonica. The funding negotiations were started at Slush 2015 in Helsinki and the collaboration with Telefonica has been started in January 2016. The collaboration aims at scaling the company’s business to Spain and Latin America.


Tunnel Ground combines comics and games. The linking of the two products is done with redeem codes that are delivered with the comics unlocking in-game content. The products have a collectible angle, as the physical paperback comics are used as vehicles for the code delivery. The game is a competitive, multiplayer, first person shooter for mobile.

“We are a strong team, and are able to create amazing stories in which users come
through comics and games. We are extremely happy to have IPR VC with us with their focus to media content, that is also the foundation of our company. Both, Tekes and Telefonica have been supportive on starting this collaboration. We now can rapidly advance on these markets that would be difficult to penetrate without the support of a strong local partner.”
Jukka Planman -CEO Tunnel Ground Inc

Established in Helsinki, October 2012, Tunnel Ground consists of comic artists, game developers and serial entrepreneurs. In addition to forming a talented team, building infrastructure and technology, the company has established an international publishing network with a significant channel reach.

Founded in 2015 IPR VC specialises in investing in media content. The company has been founded by experienced Finnish investors. More information about IPR VC: http://ipr.vc/